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AJ Fosik

There's Aliens in Our Midst

June 11 - July 4 2009

AJ Fosik was born and raised in Detroit, although he calls more than one city home. Having lived in Brooklyn, Denver, California, and Philadelphia, AJ thrives in searching the American landscape for nuances of our culture. His sculptures address traditional American folk imagery with a psychedelic color palette, drawing the viewer into familiar territory while proposing new perspectives. Hundreds of wooden shapes are masterfully constructed into a confrontational, bestial sculpture. In a composition that references stuffed deer heads, AJ awards his trophy creatures with ferocity and vibrancy. Numerous sets of eyes and radiating auras of pop-inspired triangles shed fresh light on an age-old motif, putting the viewer in charge of reassessing their preconceptions of folk art. 

AJ Fosik : Being Insofar as Being Goes
AJ Fosik
Being Insofar as Being Goes
Wood, Paint, Nails, 33x14x43”
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